Wednesday, 10 March 2010

App-off: The battle of the best lesbian phone app is on!

The battle for the killer phone application aimed at lesbians has commenced as big mobile brands pull off their best tricks to make us tick.

Little gadgets that will enhance our phones and make our lives complete with the latest applications to rock our L world.

From queer news, to lesbian entertainment sites or second life games-these apps do the hard work so that we have it all in a click of a finger.

Most importantly these gadgets want to raise issues surrounding lesbian and gay rights such as Factory Games’ Valet Hustle for iPhone.

The main characters are Ren and Akira, a lesbian and a gay man, who get thrown out of school after kissing another girl/boy respectively.

The story is set in San Francisco which comes off as a total slap in the face after the Californian Marriage Protection Act banned same-sex marriages in 2008.

The game has been so successful on the iTunes App Store that Factory Games has already announced new additional chapters that will include a wedding.

And just to top it up part of the money raised from the game will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign.

The application frenzy continues with the arrival of The Rachel Maddow Show in the Apple App Store. Yes, that’s right, Rachel is all yours and, what makes it even better, all her content is for free.

If politics is not your thing, then you can always challenge Ellen DeGeneres in a dance off battle where going crazy on top of coffee tables earns you points.

Ouch, but be aware that this is only for fast-paced fingers. Do you still wanna challenge Ellen?

If after all these crazed-up dance routines you feel like you need a fashion fix just turn to Shane McCutcheon for style advice.

That’s right, The L Word’s favourite hairdresser has got her own application to create your perfect very Shane look.

Now grab your phone and get the latest mobile apps. You won’t get enough of them!


  1. what about blackberry apps D':

    I may have to steal my friends iphone.

  2. Yeah, are these all iPhone apps? I have an Android phone. Apple doesn't rule the world, no matter how much they'd like to, they don't!